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What to do when you hit a deer with your car

What to do when you hit a deer with your car?

You encounter a deer on the road, and oh no! You collided with it. Here’s what to do to handle this unexpected situation as safely and efficiently as possible.

When you encounter a deer on the road, the most important reaction is to remain calm. It’s crucial to make decisions that prioritize your safety, the safety of your passengers, and that of other drivers. Although your car insurance is there to back you up,

Following some additional steps can make a difference:

Find a safe place: As soon as it’s safe to do so, pull over to the side of the road and activate your hazard lights to alert other drivers to your situation. Avoid stopping in the middle of traffic, as this could cause further accidents or jeopardize your safety and that of others.

Call the police: It’s crucial to report the accident to the authorities as soon as possible. When making the call, make sure to indicate if the deer was injured in the accident or if it’s blocking the road. In some cases, assistance from authorities may be necessary to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Check for injuries: After securing the area, check if you and your passengers are uninjured. If anyone is injured, immediately call emergency services for medical assistance.

Document the incident: Taking photos of the accident scene can be helpful to support any insurance claims you may need to file later on. Make sure to capture images of the damage to your vehicle, the exact point of impact, and, if it’s safe to do so, the deer involved in the accident.

Avoid touching the deer: Injured deer may be frightened and unpredictable. It’s important to keep a safe distance and let the authorities handle the situation.

Contact your insurance company: Notifying your insurance agent about the accident as soon as possible is crucial to initiate the claims process. They will guide you through the necessary steps to repair your vehicle and resolve any issues related to the accident.

Remember prevention: While it’s important to know how to handle an encounter with a deer on the road, it’s even more important to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place. Stay alert in areas where deer are more likely to cross the road, such as forests and rural areas, and reduce your speed in case of limited visibility or adverse weather conditions.

In summary, colliding with a deer can be a stressful and potentially dangerous experience, but by following these steps, you can manage the situation safely and efficiently. Always remember to prioritize safety and follow the instructions of authorities and your insurance company in the event of an accident.

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